I love books! There. I said it. With unabashed vigour.

Books are my getaway when there isn’t enough money in the bank to buy a ticket to Rabat or Bursa or Toulouse. And I have read hundreds (if not slowly approaching a thousand) books over the course of my I-still-like-to-think young life. The problem then, like a seed in my brain, began to be this biting question: What do I do with all the books I have read? Sure, book clubs are great, you get to play volley with like-minded individuals about a specific book. Still, what do you do when you read 3 books a week and have no one to joust with about them? It isn’t reasonable to expect all the non-book-lovers in your life to feign interest in your addiction. There simply had to be another way. And in our world of the 21st century, that way had to be one of instant gratification, cue entry of this blog.

Now, the main premise of this blog is to share things: my ideas on art and DIY projects, cooking recipes, my various voyages to places faraway or a stone’s throw away from home or just ideas on things (y’know, like most blogs). Most importantly though, I aim to share my thoughts on books I (have) read. They won’t all  be amazing and I won’t recommend them all, but I will be honest in my personal reviews. My reviews are not meant to offend anyone; they are simply my opinions. As a teacher, I will also on occasion add DIY art and craft projects to do with students, or suggest books that I feel are particularly geared toward certain grade levels for different learning outcomes (Teachers, if you are looking for resources, please type in “Teacher Resources” in the search engine on my BLOG page). This entire process for me will be organic, so some blog ideas might make it to the page more than others.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, I should welcome you with the heartiest of hellos and bid you a happy browsing!

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