Three-Spiced Chow Mein

I learned how to make Chow Mein from the best cook I will ever know, my momma. Part of that learning, however, is imbued with the need to try recipes different ways; the experimentation process. In this Chow Mein, the method is momma’s, the flavour is mine. Let’s get started!



Shahi Dal Masala Mix

Turmeric Powder

Soy Sauce




Green Beans



1 Hotdog pack

Rooster Instant Noodles (or any other pack of instant noodles you fancy)


*Use intuitive quantities of ingredients based on the number of people being served and taste-preferences.


Slice the green beans, carrots, garlic, and hotdogs.


If you have a lot of time, sautee all your ingredients separately. If time is of the essence, throw them in a big pan together.


In a separate pot, throw in the instant noodles and add some kettle-boiled water to get things going faster. Add in salt, soy sauce, the masala mix, and turmeric powder. The quantity of each will depend on your personal taste. I used turmeric powder to add colour to my noodles, but mostly because of its health benefits. It acts as a great anti-inflammatory and infection-fighter. Allow the noodles to boil until all the broth has evaporated, but without burning the noodles. Add some pepper and the fry from the pan.

Scramble eggs with salt and pepper in a pan.


Mix everything together in the pot with the noodles, add some pepper and enjoy!



There are a number of ways to make this. You may add other veggies like cabbage, or do it without the hotdogs and try some minced beef instead. You may want to do away with the turmeric and masala mix and just stick to your basics. Use whatever noodles you like best; I prefer noodles with basic ingredients I trust and can pronounce. Basically, experiment and make it your own.

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