The Good Fight is GOOD

To say I was devastated when The Good Wife ended is an understatement. I mean, rare are shows that boast strong characters, incredible dialogue, and such clever twists! And the female power – don’t even get me started! Then there was talk about a spin-off. The Good Fight they called it. No Juliana Margulies this time. Pfft, I thought. No Juliana? Really? How do you expect to spin that one off? Then, I watched it. Now, I AM HOOKED. True, The Good Fight has big shoes to fill (they don’t make them like Juliana), but it has already a strong cast of actors in Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo (Gotta love her name!) and Rose Leslie from where I last saw her on The Game of Thrones. The creators of this show did well to go after such a string of strong female leads. However, they did not completely alienate the other half of our species, introducing easily likeable and strong characters in Delroy Lindo, Justin Bartha and a comeback from The Good Wife by our very own Canadian, Matthew Perry. A lot of other quirky characters reappear from the mother show, minus of course the Florrick family and my beloved Eli Gold.

I like that this show goes deep into the justice system often acting as a crash course in justice terminology – I mean, they get real in there with concepts like “Fair Use” and “Puffery”. I may not aspire to be a lawyer, but I enjoy that the creators Robert and Michelle King have faith in their audience to count us as smart enough to understand what is happening. The quick pace of this show, coupled with witty dialogue and politically-current material (and man do they get bold with their politics!) really make it a welcome relief in this world of almost-garbage TV. Sincerely, the pilot with [SPOILER ALERT] Baranski’s character sitting in front of a television set disgusted at the swearing in of the current president, is a strong enough statement about the direction of this show.

If you’re in Canada, The Good Fight airs on the W Network on Sundays. For all you The Good Wife fans, you have to see this. It is no Juliana Margulies, but it is GOOD.

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