Olympic-Themed Summer Art: Olympic Torches!

Now, whether you’re a teacher of students aged 3-8 at a camp this summer, or a mom of a couple of kids looking for something to get them in the Olympic spirit, why not try making an Olympic Torch?

This simple (I promise!) art activity is really fun to do, and your children/students can make as many as they like.They could even use them in an opening ceremony of your own Olympic Games! This was found while browsing the internet and is by no means an original concept.

Teachers, to begin, you might consider providing some context for this art activity by showing your students a short clip of the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. I found a quick one on YouTube that does the trick quite well: Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron – Rio, 2016

Once students have viewed this video clip, you can have them share their ideas on what they saw, seguing into the Olympic Torch. You might even provide some background information for some of your older and more interested students. The official Olympic Games website provides this information: Olympic Torch Relay

The art activity, as I promised, is quite simple. You need only to cut flame shapes out of tissue paper (light or dark orange, yellow, red), as below:


Next, pull a couple of each colour and twist into something of a “flower” as below. Use tape to secure the twisted bottom portion:


Finally, roll a sheet of brown construction paper into a cone, securing with tape. Then, stick the flame into the cone and make sure to use a bit of tape to stick the bottom of the flame to the inside of the cone.


Et voila! Now gather your torches one and all, and parade around!


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