Why Inquiry-Based Learning?

Inquiry-Based Learning is a BIG component of student learning. It begins in Kindergarten and then carries through as much as possible, all through a student’s life. The idea is that when a student is able to engage in activities where they themselves can begin thinking about the problems and solutions to the scenarios inherent in those activities, their learning is more effective.

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The above model begins with the child asking him/herself or the teacher a question. An investigation is carried out whereby the child creates a product to explore that question. A discussion is held with a peer during imaginative play or with oneself as the child plays alone, to be able to answer that question. The reflective process then follows right away where the child begins to look at his/her design and refine it if necessary for added understanding.

As part of our classes this summer, my teaching partners and I make sure to provide our students with ample time to explore different manipulative toys, such as LEGO and other building materials, to help with our students’ inquiry-based learning. Below are some creations made by our students aged 4-8:

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