Miles Teller: The Essential Ingredient for Today’s Rom Coms

So, if you haven’t heard of Miles Teller, shame on you.

No really, are you not a romantic comedy fan? Do you live under a shoe (rocks are overrated)? Do you not have Netflix?

I have to confess. I have fallen for Miles Teller since I saw my first movie with him, Two Night Stand. This movie, featuring a strong female character, showcased a sincere and quirky Miles Teller in the Quintessential Rom Com. Except, his rom coms are clever. They have the edge of sharp wit, sarcasm and an extra dose of delightful eye-candy. They are your run-of-the-mill boy meets girl, falls in love with girl, stumbles into climactic conflict, and barrels toward a happy ending type. However, Miles packs on a lot of charm. He reminds me of a younger version of John Cusack. John Cusack, also a HUGE favourite of mine, possesses a very similar sense of sharp wit and sarcasm AND eye-candy. Don’t judge me, I like my eye-candy. As a result, I think Miles Teller should be an essential component of Romantic Comedies going forward. I mean sure, add the odd Zac Efron or whatchumacallhim, but keep the classic basic, Hollywood.

In Teller’s case, the roles in his movies seem to be written for him. And it is no wonder that they are quite similar. Now, maybe a case can be made that he is only great for such roles as those in That Awkward Moment, Spectacular Now and Get a Job (I am on a Miles Teller Marathon), however, admit you must, that he is great at them. Personally, I would rather a Master of one trade than a Jack of all.


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