Can We Just Take a Moment for Sushi?

I love trying new things in general. And I LOVE trying FOOD specifically. So, over the years, it has taken a lot of tasting and thinking to come to my Top 3 Favourite Foods. I shall talk about one of those items on my list today…SUSHI.

Can we just take a moment before I launch into an I love Sushi because… soliloquy? For my fellow Sushi-Lovers (because I know there are those of you who are Sushi-Haters), can we savour the delicately delightful packing of rice and vegetables and meat and seafood, all in a crisp strip of seaweed? Or if you prefer Sashimi, beautiful pieces of smooth and slippery and savoury fish slipping into your mouth, resting on your tongue for a satisfying few seconds and then finding a smooth journey down your throat? Or maybe those delectable Sushi Handrolls with all sorts of delightful surprises packed into a shapely-cone poised deliciously beside a jumble of finely sliced Pickled-Ginger and a dollop of Wasabi? Or Maki Sushi that is thrilling to pick with your wooden chopsticks and dip into your mixture of Wasabi and Soy Sauce?

Now forget, if you can, for a moment, that Sushi is so unarguably (nope, not at all acknowledging all you Sushi-Haters right now) tasty. Just for a second forget about the delicate textures and how they thrill your palette. Think now about the health benefits of consuming this clean food (oh, how your insides are singing!), and the fact that unlike other all-you-can-eat foods, Sushi does NOT leave you feeling disgusting and about to pop after you devour piece after piece after piece after piece (are you getting the picture?). No, Sushi should really be crowned the King of All Foods. And washing it all down now and then with a delicate helping of Japanese tea, or Miso Soup (don’t even get me stated on Miso Soup!) OR Seaweed Salad (It’s lunchtime as I write this and suddenly my homemade salad sounds drab and unappetizing.)…

I think the thing that most appeals to me about Sushi, is its ease of ability to be a  food perfect for sharing. You can hardly sit across someone and pick at their burger bits, right? Sushi allows you to do that. You have your own utensils, so there is no screaming over too-much-wasabi-in-my-soy-sauce, but, you also have the opportunity to sample and size just about everything put on those sharing plates in front of you. It’s that feeling of trying a Sashimi Roll, deciding you ADORE it, and wanting so badly for your partner to feel the same euphoria on his taste buds as he tries it himself. Food in general is a communal bonding ritual. It is championed at birthdays and weddings and funerals, and house-warming events, and conferences. It is unifying factor that allows people to indulge in a basic need, while being free to socially mingle with like minds. Sushi goes a step further because it makes the sharing process a bit more intimate. It allows you to connect with the other person face-to-face through the flavours of the different elements before you.

And after all that if Sushi is just not your thing (because Ewww…that Seaweed is so slimy! Yes, you are allowed your opinion, but no, you are wrong.), then there are a slew of other items on the list of Japanese Restaurants that are sure to catch your fancy, Sushi-Haters: Donburi, Ramen, and Chicken Teriyaki among others.



Really though Sushi-Haters, you’re missing out!


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