Michael Wade: Making Readers out of Non-Believers

And then it happened… is a Canadian Adventure Series taking young readers by storm! The books are full of imaginative ploys that pull in our mischievous side and leave us chuckling heartily.

Author, Michael Wade, came in for a visit today, and what a lot of people don’t know, is that being a writer is Mr. Wade’s second career. What he did before is something you will find out if you invite him to your school, but let’s just say that it isn’t at all what you might expect. What a fantastic time our students had! The students could barely sit still as he talked about his writing and his life experiences, infusing laughter into every single narrated event. For those of you who have not seen Mr. Wade before, he is quite a bit different than what one might imagine a writer to be. And that is where his central message of “Anyone can be a writer” rings poignant. Mr. Wade showed our students that writers are not people who always dress a certain way or enjoy only reading all the time. They are not people who rarely leave their home and find being around other people exhausting. And even though a couple of these things might ring true for some writers, a lot of writers share just one thing above all else, in common: their meticulousness with reworking their writing to achieve the best possible draft. Mr. Wade stressed on the importance of the power of words. He showed students that words can be used in signs to affect people’s behaviour, that they can be used to teach and even communicate powerful ideas. He showed them that anybody really, is capable of doing this, as long as he/she works hard at the rewrite process.

Now, I have read a lot of Mr. Wade’s stories – they are brilliant! Each one is well-thought-out with a plot that trots along with purpose until the main event is revealed; the And then it happened portion. Students remain riveted in their seats and often, even their breathing is inaudible as they hold their breaths to avoid missing the climax of the story. Mr. Wade’s stories are not just a great way to engage a lot of our young boys who are not specifically drawn to reading, but also our young girls who thrive on the adventures of kids their own age. His books are chapter books, and best suited for grades 3-6, with room for those of you teachers or children with strong readers in grade 2. What I like best about Mr. Wade is that he makes his books accessible to his audience. He uses ordinary words to turn everyday events into moments sparking with excitement and humour. And children love both of these!

So, if you have a selection of Mr. Wade’s books on your shelf, begin a read-aloud with your class for starters, then, sit back and watch the rest of that selection fly off the shelf! You’ll make readers out of non-believers!

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