My Adventures in Crocheting: A Bed Throw

It’s the weekend! I thought I would post something that isn’t a book; y’know, for the “nook” portion of this blog. ūüėČ So, segue into crocheting…

I first discovered crocheting 4 years ago. I was on assignment and living in Finland, and I am all about trying new things, so when the local art centre advertised free classes to try various art and craft projects, among them crocheting various useful items, I was game! My life revolves around different productions of art, so crocheting, I took to it immediately. And it was easy! The same single and double knot, after the initial chain, for hours on end, and in the same or different direction, depending on what it was. I was hooked – no pun intended! And the best thing about crocheting is that it is so forgiving; you make a mistake and starting over is not a forehead-smacking catastrophe.

Of course, when I returned home, crocheting took a backseat to the humdrum of my busy life, until I allowed myself to venture back there earlier this year. I must say, and this is one thing I almost forgot from the first time, crocheting is a very calming and therapeutic process. It is in the repetition and the making of something useful with your own hands, I think, that the therapy occurs. It gives you a sense of purpose and contributing agency in a world where your purchasing options are dictated by what is available on the shelves of the ubiquitous Wal-Mart. So, to start off small, even though I had big aspirations, I resigned myself to making a Bed Throw. A simple rectangular piece of the most colourful yarn I could find at the local craft store. Et voila!

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