Ma raison d’etre

I can’t remember when I began my romance with the printed word; it could have been as early as 2 or 3 years-old. My mother is a teacher, so a lot of credit is due to her for encouraging a yearning for learning. My father, an avid reader, always made sure we made routine visits to big bookstores as children, allowing us to pick freely from stacks of well-loved titles. Over the years, and after having done one of my majors in English, I realized that books (alongside travel), offer an  investment in oneself. This investment must be self-motivated, and if maintained with enough zest, can provide for a well-balanced understanding of our world.

And as a result, such is my motto:

“To read, to read, to read and not to yield.”

(with credit to Homer’s Ulysses)


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